One price model for every company, regardless of size

Select the plan that suits your company the best, this way you only pay for what you need. You can order separate licenses with a minimum of 2 (one for the planner back at the office and one for the field service employee). Start your free 30 day trial now! – No credit or debit card required.


Self-employed and small-sized businesses

€ 10 /month

per user

Web-account for the planner

App for the field service (Android/Apple)

Simple graphical planning board

Simple configuration

Integration with accounting system / CRM

20 minute support (live demo)

Support office hours (tel/mail/chat)


Medium sized business

€ 14,50 /month

per month

All BASIC features +

All forms / checklists

Extensive digital planning board

Multiple logo's

Cost categories

Ad-hoc Reporting-tool

Directing subcontractors


Large businesses / All functions

€ 19,50 /month

per user

All TEAM features +

Object management

Online Customer portal (for your customers)

Extensive reports

User management (rights & roles)

Track&Trace Route and logging

Customer satisfaction survey

Showed prices are based on annual invoicing. Do you prefer the option to cancel your subscription monthly?
Please click here for the prices of the monthly subscriptions.

Need help? Purchase our Kickstart Service

New to WorkorderApp and want to start using our software hassle-free? Use our Kickstart Service.

Starting from 375 euro’s for a 3 hour session on location. During this session we will set up the software to optimize it specifically for the working method used by your company.

Next to that we will train your field service employees and planners. If you ordered an integration we will also set this up.

It’s hassle free and you can start within a day. Order your Kickstart Service here.


License prices for planners and field service employees
Invoiced annually (per employee per month)
Monthly terminable (per employee)
Online Web-account

Simple planning board

Extensive digital planning board

Management reports

Extensive management reports

Shadow planning

Planning & Dispatching

Directing subcontractors

Attach documents and articles to the work order

Make working stock

Add company logo

Set multiple company logos

Configurable PDF (work order) and customer email

Enter or import relations

Enter or import articles

Hour types

Text appointment confirmation and reminder

Email appointment confirmation and reminder

Adhoc reporting to Excel

Connect with accounting or CRM software

Track & Trace - current location

Track & Trace - route and logging

Object management

Online customer portal

Customer satisfaction survey

User management (rights & roles)

Default text

Multilingual (NL/DU/SP/PO/EN)

App Apple / Android

App also works without Internet / 4G

Personalized App with company logo

Dashboard with organized (day)planning

Summary of total hours per week

Automat. synchr. articles and relationships

Register hours and materials

Travel distance registration (calculated)


Add photos to work order

Customer history available

Logo configurable by work order

Multiple employees per tablet

Use hour types

Objects page and log parameters

Object history


Per licentie
€ 10
€ 12,50
Planner / Kantoor





























Per licentie
€ 14,50
€ 18
Planner / Kantoor










Per licentie
€ 19,50
€ 24