How does it work?

WorkorderApp consists of two environments: the web portal for the planner
and one or more apps on the tablet for the performer (s).
Below is described step by step how to 5 minutes
account setup and your tablet connects to your own business account.

Step 1: Create an account on the website and take at least one license off

A license must be purchased for any tablet that you want to link to your web account. From one license you get access to all the functionality of the web portal as the planning board, track & trace and create work orders via the web portal.

Step 2: Connect your tablet or smartphone to your web account

The app can be linked quite simply to the web account: Enter the company ID in the app and click connect. From that moment on work orders can be sent to the tablet. Of course, it is also possible to create new work orders from the tablet.

Step 3: Create a work order to the web account

Go to the tab Ready Crossing and easily create a work order to. Select a date and time for implementation and select from the list people who will do the job. Enter a description of what needs to be done and then click the Done button Crossing. It’s as easy as that.

Step 4: Work Order if necessary touch

Go to the Summary tab, and click the Get Work Order button. Now retrieves all work orders destined for this employee. The employee will see the daily schedule. Click the first voucher and start the route planner to get to their destination.

Enter the hours and materials, add any pictures and let the customer put a signature on the tablet. Click Submit and the receipt is sent to the web account. Also automatically receive the customer, the company and the employee an email with a description of the work, hours and materials consumed (pdf). The PDF is fully adjustable with your logo and your colors. Professional.

Step 5: Download Work Order and send

The administration is not directly the completed work order on the web account. Here’s a neat personalized PDF can now logo are made where all hours / materials, customer signatures and even your pictures on. Download the PDF and put it in the bill for a professional impression and assurance of prompt payment.

Optional: Send the work order directly to your accounting package

Do you have a link to your accounting package? Then the captured coupons come directly as (draft) bill in your accounting software so that your invoice is created in an instant. No administration, no fuss.