Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get if my company purchases a license?

With a license you get access to your own business portal www.workorderapp.com. There are no restrictions. On this portal you can:

  • Add business information
  • Upload logo, also visible in app for your business identity
  • Set what should be displayed on the pdf in your own company colors and logo
  • Centrally manage relationships, they will be sent to all tablets / smartphones
  • materials centrally managed, they will be sent to all tablets / smartphones
  • Create work orders and preparing specific tablets / smartphones
  • With the graphical planning board can see at a glance the occupation of workers
  • Couple our planning board with the agenda of your employees
  • Workslips received centrally and can be managed here
  • Submit work orders to the subcontractor (s) on their own account WorkorderApp
  • Instantly create a PDF (with logo and signature) of a work order
  • Route information on the app
  • Workslips meanwhile in the app

If we try to send a work order on the iPad, it shows "there is a problem with syncing, try again later." How do I fix it?

The problem occurs when there is a strange character is in the text the specific work order which does not understand our server. We control the whole voucher in advance, to ensure that work orders arrive safely on our server. In this case, like to check the work order (job description, description beside each hour rule, material description) on foreign characters. For example, if there is a% or “or” or $ or Euro sign, please remove it and save the rule again. Then click Send again, and then it will be fine.

After the last update the app works not on my iPad ...

Occasionally it may happen that the update is not going well on the iPad. The only solution is to then do a clean install of the app and connect it to your web account so that all settings are automatically copied again. Perform the following steps:

1) Remove the app from the iPad (click a few seconds on the app until it wiggles, then you can delete it)
2) Install the app from the App store (search for ‘work order’)
3) Go to the web account and enter the license free (go to the tab ‘Notified clients)
4) In the app on ‘Connect’ at the institutions web account

Now everything works optimally. You have all kinds of new features in:

– This version is fully compatible iOS 10 made.
– Preview of vouchers in the overview
– Better filtering receipts in the overview
– Bug with total hours at multiline resolved
– Added barcode scanner for the scanning of materials
– Easier import of the hour
– Minor bug fixes
– Portal now know a duplicate key for reusing coupons
– Graphical management information on the web portal

What can I expect in the next version of the app and when is it available?

We are working with all sorts of new features to help you better. The Android app went live on September 1, 2015 on Google Play. The new iPad app and iPhone app is expected in late October. New is, among other things:

  • Adding checklists and own forms with the work order
  • Scan materials using the built-in barcode scanner
  • Relationships update from the app to the server

I see no more work orders and relationships in my web account. How is this possible?

Probably you are using Internet Explorer 11 as a browser. This does not support all functions and this can cause problems. We recommend to open the werkbonapp.nl in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera. Here everything works optimally.

How do I delete notes, materials and hours in the iPad and Android app?

Very easy. Press 2 seconds on the line you want to delete and a popup appears asking if you are sure that the rule may be removed. After confirmation, the removal of the rule. This applies to workorders-, time and material rules.

Is the iPad app iOS 10 compatible?

Yes, the iPad app is fully compatible iOS 10.

Where can I ask questions?

Go to the Contact page.

How many licenses should I take?

For each unique tablet / smartphone that you connect to your corporate portal, you need to purchase a separate license. Under the ‘Notified client’ you can see which device is attached. On the first tab “Start” you can see how many licenses you have purchased and how much available there of. You can also purchase additional licenses here to mount additional tablets.

Can I purchase licenses from Belgium?

Yes. You give your IBAN number and mobile number. Then we will send you a verification code to your mobile. These fill again on the website in which you authorize us the amount of your monthly bill to be collected. The first month is free and you can cancel free.

Which version is supported iPad?

WorkorderApp works on iPad version 2 and higher. iPad mini is also supported.

WorkorderApp can be linked to our own CRM / ERP?

Yes, WorkorderApp has been developed as a modern SaaS product with an Open API. The description of the web can be found here. Thus, we are able to link our specialized software with any other software package which also has coupling options. It is possible to include ready to put work orders from your ERP / CRM synchronize contacts and materials and finished coupons directly as a test invoice within your ERP / CRM to receive. We now have a standard interface to Build Office Install Office and Infrastructure Office, Money Bird, Multi Fresh, Quick Start, TopDesk, 4cis, Corpex, Manual Soft (Guild). Currently couplings designed for Exact and SAP Business One. Mail to maatwerk@provide.nl for a free quote.

Can I work orders set up for next week?

Yes, you can, for each work order that puts you specify which worker is ready, date, project number, type, payment and which activities should be carried out. The iPad is an Update button that allows the prepared work orders be brought inside in the history tab so that only the hours and materials required to be completed and the customer can put a signature. In addition, you can enter a parameter to the web portal how many days in advance work orders to be picked up in the tablets. Imagine this instance in two days, the tablets are becoming brought in the receipts of the next two days. After all, vouchers that have not been retrieved yet, you can still change in the web portal (another employee, another time, etc.)

Can you import our parts list or contact list?

It is possible to both your materials if you import customers via an Excel file WorkorderApp.
This import functionality is available in the account. There are some templates available where you can see which fields can be filled as possible. If the own Excel file is imported, you will be asked at the last step for a column specification. This automatically imported data will then be available to the employees in the App.

How do I change the email address of the client in the App?

If the work order is sent, you see the first concept-mail that will be sent. You can delete as the recipient email addresses and add other addresses. It is also possible to change the email address of the customer in the app by clicking on the email address in the app.

I have another iPad / Android tablet that I want to link to my web account. How do I do that?

If you connect an iPad or Android device WBA this is administered on the web account. Go to your account and open the tab Notified clients. To free a license, click Disconnect. Now the license is available and you can connect another device to this license. Also, if you press in the app Connect and you get the message “There are no more licenses available.” You can free up licenses in this way.